Professional Coaching and Consultation Services

Are you too self-critical of your artistic endeavors?
Do you struggle with expressing your authentic creative voice? 
Troubles talking and interacting with influential people in your life? 
Do you want more confidence, focus and creative freedom? 

If you’re looking to develop your creative identity, strengths and unique talents, my private Creative Coaching is for you. I’ll help you understand and activate your motivations, think outside the prevailing industry standards and be the cheerleader who will hold you accountable. Private weekly meet-ups, individualized training, professional access and resources, work evaluations, emails, phone calls and ruthless compassion included.
As a coach and mentor, my ultimate goal is to motivate artists toward inspired action. I help get you back on track to being the productive, creative, meaningful and authentic artist you truly want to be. I support artists in crafting and living a creative healthy life as well as feeling good about themselves and their work they produce.

And if your business needs an infusion of creative power my Creative Consultations will help you develop new or existing work environments to maximize your teams’ productivity and work satisfaction.

I know...
What the endless search for something to create feels like.
What it feels like to work on a piece for hours, days, weeks – finish it – think you love it – then look at it the next day, only to find you hate it.
What rejection does to the heart.
What a 6-month creative block feels like.
How hard looking for creative work can be.

I also know...
How great it feels to show up for work on set, stage or in your studio and all of a sudden six
hours have gone by.
What it takes to create a series of paintings, build the puppets, compose musical scores,
perform the acts and do what you love to do.

I can HELP you...
- Successfully employ strategies that will allow you to work more consistently and
productively. Outsmart your fear, anxiety, reluctance, refusal, indecision, doubt and distractions.
- Increase the time you spend creating. Manifest the courage and will to show up more often
and do your creative work.
- Confront the challenges of creating and learn to overcome and push past them to
meaningfully create anyway. Achieve and sustain momentum.
- Clarify your personal vision and manifest your creative potential. If you're ready for more
confidence, focus and creative freedom, let's get started with...

Creative Coaching and Mentoring for (3) Three months of…
Once a week meetings (2hrs min) per month at your convenience. (location depending)
Two telephone or online work sessions (1hr min) per month.
Unlimited email support.
Individualized training program.
Professional access and resources.
Work evaluation and ruthless compassion.
INVESTMENT: $500 per month (min. 1-month commitment)
100% money back guarantee*
* within the first month of coaching only


Creative Consultations for Businesses
INVESTMENT: Starting at $150 for initial meeting and consultation.
Reach out anytime!
Send me an email to schedule a free 30-minute EMPOWERMENT CALL to get you questions answered and discover if this is right for you.