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The Imperial OPA Circus @ The High Museum

        A truly special evening of Dali artwork, performances by Atlanta's amazing "fringe" art and music community, and a chance for me to work with Julia Hill and the OPA to once again create another beautiful puppet.  This time, we re-invented Flo the Flamingo.  She is a stilt puppet with "reins" to control her head.  The entire puppet body (including neck and head) is comfortably balanced on a shoulder harness, so the puppeteer can move the head around freely without tipping the weight.  A jacket, skirt and fake legs completed the picture and got a laugh out of everyone who saw her that night.  The stilts are basic wooden peg stilts that strap securely to any size foot and leg.  Construction time was about three consecutive days. That's Julia riding Flo and Leeah Cebulski on stilts to the right.  Feel free to check out all the photos and video on the Art Portfolio page.