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Creative Support Continued - Are you getting what you need?

Continuing from my last post… what exactly are The Field and The Domain? For a quick recap, Fields are the groups of people who inhabit Domains of knowledge. For example: I love the Domain of Painting and Art; and the Field of Painters and Artists. See the difference? A Domain is the Arena and the Field are the People that play in that Arena. So, who are these people in our fields of interest and what do we get from them?? Well, first we get Training. Once we find the mentors we need to take our visions to the next levels, we learn from them. Education keeps us moving forward, sharpening our minds and creative lives as we incorporate new skills. I'm grateful to have had parents that instilled a deep love of learning. Life is a long journey and the more you learn about what interests you creatively, the better your work will become. Everyday, my Fields of people teaches me something new. Resources are the next element our Fields provide. Resources in the form