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Creative Support - Are you getting what you need?

     Are you creatively supported? Support comes in many forms, but without the proper help, an artistic endeavor or collaborative effort can wither and fade. So where does this "support" come from? Where should we be looking for that extra encouragement, aid or underwriting? It's people! Agents of change are PEOPLE! People! (In the voice of Charleston Heston from Soylent Green) Seriously, relationships are how the human world works. Creative support is about relationships.     Now, I know that you think the support you're looking for is monetary. If you only had the money, you'd be able to complete your creative project. I dig. But what happens when you're done? Are you going to share your art? Are you looking for any kind of artistic verification? At some point in the creative process, EVERYONE needs another person to provide a variety of supportive needs. And that person, or people, should be from your own creative Field.     Before I discuss some

I've been talking with Creators about their Process, here's what they're saying.

Hello fellow artists, readers and guests. Over the past several months I've been conducting interview and informal conversations with artists, creatives and people that seem to accomplish their short term creative goals with success. Let me tell you, the amount of feedback on the state of the modern artist is tremendous.      Putting aside the axiom of persistence getting us where we want to go, eventually, I asked fellow creators if they had any effective strategies for improving performance on longer-term creative projects? We all want to see our creative projects through to some level of completion and we want the highest quality available, affordable or capable. But not everyone gets their projects to the "finish line." What's the big secret? Why are some of us creating portfolios of work and others aren't?     From the horses mouth, simply put, just start . Yup, literally just 'Do it'. Get things going, over and over again. Start as early as possibl