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Spaceman "Major Tom" comes alive at the Goat Farm/ScoutMob Halloween Party!

Spaceman Promo from Cinebot Video on Vimeo . Spaceman (or Major Tom as we nicknamed him) is a unique large scale rod puppet that's operated by 7 puppeteers and roves around events blowing people's freakin' minds!!! He is supported by a steel costumized cart is inspired by NASA's Lunar Rover which we lovingly call "Tilton". A 16 foot steel crane arm extends from Tilton and supports Spaceman on his journey as he jumps around town. Oh and did we mention there's a gosh darn laser light show in his visor!? Give him a high five... trust me it'll be worth your while. Spaceman is available to come out to your own shenanigans Originally produced for Scoutmob's Halloween party at the Goat Farm in Atlanta, GA. For booking information please visit