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Let's talk about BALANCE in a creative life.

The life of a Creative person can be a tenuous balance. We make and create but also rest and relax. More experienced adventurers will understand the back and forth of creative energy. Sometimes we need to recharge that psychic juice. Give ourselves time to organize and reorganize our plan of action. How do you find balance? The working artist has a limited amount of time to spend acquiring new skills or knowledge not specific to their art. Anyone who’s ever created anything knows how much time, energy, money, emotion, thought, blood, sweat and even tears we invest in our work. Always hoping it will turn out better than expected and always relieved when it turns out at all. We could work just as hard at becoming more effectual, dynamic creators or communicators. What if there was a refresher course for working artists? What if there was a community of creative people that didn’t quite know how to connect? How does an introverted artist grow their network? The Creator’s W

The beginning of The Creator's Workshop!

As the 20's roar in I'd like to welcome my fellow artists, writers, musicians, and puppeteers to a WARRIOR ARTIST event. Over the past 20 years I’ve spent a lot of time talking and working with creative people. Advising, learning, bullshitting. The life of creators, when they’re not actually creating, seem to focus on a few things. How can I get my work out there? How can I make my work better? How can I meet the right people? When can I find time to make my art? How can I change the world? You too? Lately, these discussions have included friends and colleagues suggesting that it might be time to take my knowledge and perspective to a larger arena. I thought about it and decided they were right. So, I’m going to take my 20 plus years of experience as a working artist and my point of view on how to construct a fulfilling creative life, to a wider audience.  I’ll use a supportive environment to examine and explore how to make our creativity work for us. Do we make ar