The beginning of The Creator's Workshop!

As the 20's roar in I'd like to welcome my fellow artists, writers, musicians, and puppeteers to a WARRIOR ARTIST event.

Over the past 20 years I’ve spent a lot of time talking and working with creative people. Advising, learning, bullshitting. The life of creators, when they’re not actually creating, seem to focus on a few things. How can I get my work out there? How can I make my work better? How can I meet the right people? When can I find time to make my art? How can I change the world? You too?

Lately, these discussions have included friends and colleagues suggesting that it might be time to take my knowledge and perspective to a larger arena. I thought about it and decided they were right. So, I’m going to take my 20 plus years of experience as a working artist and my point of view on how to construct a fulfilling creative life, to a wider audience. 

I’ll use a supportive environment to examine and explore how to make our creativity work for us. Do we make art or does art make us? Why are we so drawn to drawing? If art happens but no one is around but the artist, is it only practicing? How much should I be charging for my work? What are some better ways to get to my creative goals?

Preparing and researching for this class has been a humbling and reflective experience. I was surprised to learn more about myself as an artist than I ever expected. I hope the same transformation will happen for everyone who joins The Creator's Workshop. Class size is limited, so email me, tell your artist friends and be sure to register before spots are filled.

Though specifically curated to the Greater Atlanta Arts Community, this workshop is open to the public (18 years and up) and all creatives willing and able to try something new.

  Our FULL DAY workshop will include:
  • Strategic choices for your creative visions.
  • Learn about your network.
  • Craft and rehearse a 30 second pitch
  • The nuts and bolts of surviving as an artist.
  • Tips and techniques for the gig economy.
  • Organize your influential people to help you.
  • Consider new methods of learning and creating.
  • Understanding and accepting difficulties and failures.
  • Fun group activities, a sketchbook and more!

$129 Early Bird Discount by FEB 1st
$149 Pre-Registered via Email ONLY (PayPal or Venmo)
$179 Day of Workshop
Limited number of Student/Low Income Grants available.

Sunday, MARCH 15th  
9:30 (Doors Open)
10am - 6pm (There will be an 1 hour lunch mid day)

Little Five Points Community Center
1083 Austin Ave NE, ATL 30307
Top, 3rd Floor, back of building, Room 202


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