Music Lessons and Mentorship


Piano Lessons and Music Mentorship 

 I love to teach Piano, Guitar, Bass and Drums! 
Do you have multiple students in your house? 
Let's get them playing together!
Lessons are scheduled for same day
every week, usually same time and place. 
Lessons take place at my home studio or the comfort of your own home. 
I'll provide the lesson plan, books, expert real world advice and tons of inspiration. Your student need only a passionate interest and dedicated practice time. 

Rates:  Your Place - 30min/$25  or  60min/$50
                     My Place - 30min/$20  or  60min/$40     

Brandon Ross has been making music and art from the beginning of his journey but you might have recently seen him as a featured player with San Diego's own Zavala Sol Blues Band. Born in Sherman Oaks CA (the original Valley) and at a time, 1979, to offer a unique and expansive musical education; from rap and metal to musical theater, ragtime and everything in between. After moving to Atlanta, GA in his early teens, Brandon's musical palette expanded further, getting serious about his musical education, the piano, composing and getting involved with several bands and productions. After studying at GSU, Brandon worked as a featured musical act at the Georgia Renaissance Festival, started teaching music (piano, guitar, bass and drums) and eventually performed on a national tour with American idol finalist Diana Degarmo. In 2012, after a decade of operating a very successful private music school, Brandon changed paths to pursue a career in the film industry where he worked as an art director and production designer for over a decade. He now calls San Diego, Santee CA, home where he lives with his wife, threenager, baby son and retired mother. He loves playing music and sharing his passion for our musical world. Give Brandon the opportunity to guide and inspire your new or old musician through his fun, structured but low pressure lessons that are always tailored to the student.


What I like most about Brandon is that he really fosters a love of music and the arts, and adapts his teaching methods to the skills, motivation and personality of each person.  His approach to Genna was very different than his approach to Richelle. If you want someone who will encourage you or your child to explore your musical creativity and enjoy playing an instrument, he's the best.  This is not his job, it's his passion and if you or your child have that inclination, you will find his passion contagious .  
         - Kathrine Matarrazo 

I could not have asked for a better mentor. Compared to other teachers, Brandon provided the right materials, showed patience, and motivated me to become the musician I am today.  Most of all, he lets me play whatever song I like, which helps to keep lessons progressive and practice fun. As I have grown in my knowledge of chords and other fundamentals of music, Brandon has guided me in the right direction to step outside of my comfort zone and start to improve and sing with my music.  Brandon has been a very positive and motivational person in my life who never makes me feel uncomfortable or intimidated in lessons and performances. As I move onto college, I will miss Brandon greatly and will always appreciate the great impact he has had on my life.   
          - Lauren Judson

Brandon has taught piano to my daughter Alison for over six years.  She is now in 6th grade, and music is a huge joy in her life.   Brandon has been supportive and encouraging since her first lesson.   She loves to sing, and Brandon incorporates that into her lessons.    He has inspired her to try other instruments, and she continues to look forward to her piano lesson each week.   
          - Beth Roth

    To give you some background, I contacted Brandon based on recommendations from my neighbors. Brandon has taught piano and guitar to many kids in my neighborhood for several years.  My 15-year-old daughter, Ashley, expressed an interest in piano lessons. I explained to Brandon that Ashley had many medical and cognitive issues, including Down syndrome, insulin dependent diabetes, cataracts, fluctuating hearing loss, and Celiac disease.  Recently, she had been have communication and interaction problems.
     Brandon used his unique teaching ability to find the right instructional balance with her. He talked to her on a level that she understood without treating her like a juvenile. He respected her learning differences and tried new approaches to help her progress on her own track. He was able to perceive the difference in knowing when Ashley wasn't trying her best vs. when Ashley was struggling with the skill instructed to her.  Brandon is a very special person that can do great things for other kids, too! I highly recommend him.
      - Lou Anne Lebovitz

And if you're interested, I also teach:

Rock Climbing 
Beginner to Intermediate - Top Rope, Sport and Bouldering

Juggling and Circus Arts through San Diego's own
Cirque Quirk Circus Entertainment  
Private and Group lessons, All Ages

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