The Workshop. An Inman Park Arts Center. Fine Art, Props/Sets, Puppets and Workshops

The Workshop
320 N. Highland Ave. 30307

Artists in Residence - Julia Hill, Brandon Ross, Caroline Smith, Cara Gilbert and Bob Bateman

      After months, really years, of looking for a new work space... we've finally found a home.  Located in the heart of Inman Park.  For over 30 years, "Villa de Grip" has been workshop and home base for Tony Kuppersmith, one of Atlanta's most established production designers for the film industry.  After Tony's recent semi-retirement, we were given the opportunity to move in, setup shop and offer our services to Atlanta.  We are so grateful for this opportunity.  A special home for Imaginary Menagerie Puppets, a secure and comfortable space for our tools and materials, and a chance to create some really amazing art.  We invite you to come check out the shop.  Come play on projects we're working on, volunteer time for experience and help spread the word.  The Workshop is here and making Atlanta a little cooler.

Are you an Art Director, Production Designer, Production Manager, Studio or Producer?

What can we do for you?  Need something built?
      From props and film sets to puppets and parade characters.  We can design and build custom sets, props, green screen specific sets/props, furniture and age/alter anything.  We are a fully functional metal, wood, ceramic and fabric shop.  Our shop of artists have over 25 years of experience building and creating artwork, props, puppets and sets.  With our unique space, you can let your imagination run big and bold.  We love to build!

Looking for a special space to rent, shoot or host an event?
     We've already had a few gatherings with big success.  Let the Workshop add inspiration to your production or event.  Whether it's the sunlight shining into the workshop or the courtyard garden filled with hidden sculptures.  The bamboo side yard or the firehouse doors that open right onto Highland.   And what a location!  A short walk to Little Five Points, the new Beltline Eastside trail, the Inman Village, great local restaurants and bars next door...and Freedom Park right across the street.  Super easy to get to on any form of transportation.

But why call yourself an "arts" center? 
It turns out some of our artists are also accomplished teachers. Most of us live in the neighborhood, so watching our community grow, learn, experiment and create is important to us.  As artists, we want to offer an arts education to the city of Atlanta.  With art education funding on the decline, we're in a great position and location to help Atlanta's city students and budding artists find their voice and bring artistic culture to our growing city.

Here's a short description of beginner and advanced classes we're planning on providing Fall 2013:
Drawing (pencil, charcoal, pastels, figure, still life, perspective)
Painting (watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, spray painting)
Puppets (mask making, hand and rod, found object, large group)
Clay (private instruction with hand, thrown, glazes, adv. technique)
Film Industry (Set Dec 101, Art Dept. 101, IATSE contact)
Metal (private instruction intro welding basics, oxy/sed, mig training)
Wood (private instruction on common wood shop tools w/ projects included)
Music (private music lessons in piano, guitar, bass and harmonica.
Circus Arts (juggling balls/clubs, stilt building/walking, aerial arts)

Truly an ARTS center!

Kudzu the Dragon explores the neighborhood 


  1. You're bringing so much to the table! I wish you a great, enormous success.

  2. If there is ever a way I can help, please don't hesitate to call on me.

  3. I'm interested in volunteering. what is the best way to contact you?


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