After almost two years of talking, thinking, writing and planning, Cardboard Puppet Wars was born out of an excessive amount of cardboard we get at the shop and the blood thirsty challenge of creating a puppet to battle within set limits. We finally pulled the trigger and started the first of several battles. Learning and adjusting with each run. Check out the first two battles.... 

A super successful 1st battle!

                                  A totally different day - 2nd Battle!
        Welcome to Cardboard Puppet Wars! You’re watching creative Puppeteers design and build Cardboard Puppets, then battle them to the cardboard death! There are 4 Rounds of increasing Puppet bravery, starting with single Puppet combat and concluding with all out Puppet war and mayhem! Each puppet belongs to a team. All cardboard given must be used in building a puppet. Puppeteers are encouraged to collaborate and create enormous puppets. Puppeteers have a chance to win CASH for Best Puppeteering and Most Kills. Choose a team and cheer for your favorite cardboard puppet.

Facebook Group: 
Cardboard Puppet Wars - ATL Test Team

See you there!


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