2015 - BRP moves to the Metropolitan Arts Complex in the West End

          From Inman Park we head to the West End of the ATL! With productions getting bigger it was time to join fellow industry friends Molly and Victoria Coffee at Zombie Cat Productions with their new 6,500 sqft shop and production space. Located in the Metropolitan Arts Complex, ZCP has become an umbrella space for Raymond Carr's Ninja Puppet Productions, Spencer Murrill Puppet Productions, The Atlanta Film Chat Podcast and several other talented assistants and helpers.  Truly a talented and diverse family!  The Shop is constantly in motion, with props, sets and puppets being built all over. Grateful to be busy and working on fun and challenging projects and productions!  BRP even got a top corner office! Maybe they'll make me a shop manager one day....

Brandon Ross Productions - Atlanta Office:

675 Metropolitan Parkway SW  
Suite 5079 D-15
ATL, GA 30310

         Call or text before you come by, all my friends are welcome to a short tour of the facilities and surrounding location of The Metropolitan Complex

        That's Ray working on the "Firebird" puppet for his short. Screening at the Atlanta/Hartsfield Inter Airport. 


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