2015 - Catching up with the Captain - Building the Nautilus

We made a "Making of" video. Enjoy.

         Combined efforts into a large project can make light and quick of any work.  With Raymond Carr to lead the way, I and my team built this super light weight prop submarine for the GA Aquarium.  Trying to construct a set piece this big, that could be handled easily by the driver within, took some KISSing. Keeping it super simple. Simple design. Simple construction. Building on what we've proven with past projects and working with familiar and proven material.  This build was extra nice because we knew it would have a home at the Aquarium as soon as we finished building. It's always nice to know your "babies" are going to a good home, immediately.

       A big thanks to Daniel and Josh Ford at the GA Aquarium.  And to Raymond at Ninja Puppet Productions, Rachel DeUrioste, Thomas Trinh and Jason Sokolic!


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