Aslan the Lion and Mr. and Mrs. Beaver - Cruise ship show business!

Team Awesome @ Zombie Cat Studios
      So many good things and people came together on this one. With a healthy schedule of 5 weeks, Spencer Murrill, Cedwan Hooks and myself worked happily and diligently. Our team's combined years of experience and skills in puppet/mascot building, theatre/stage logistics and production made this build achievable within the budget and timeframe.
      Employing long lasting, archival materials with the newest building processes and supplies made these puppets stage ready and user friendly. The beavers are light enough to move around stage easily and puppeteer for even small performers. Aslan the lion combines the body and head within a single performer, creating a striking and enduring stage personality.  Aslan's body has an aluminum frame, foam body and felt fur/skin. His mane was made from fake plastic ferns. His head weighs less than 10 lbs.  His body/legs are less than 20lbs.
      A big thank you to Tim and Katy Whitson, Jim Hendricks, Tara Clark, Kiera Robbins, Tom Trinh and everyone at Zombie Cat Studios.


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